GrowUp – It's Time to Evolve ™

GrowUp Your Participation

GrowUp Festival is an immersive village-creation transformative gathering.  Where other festivals build-up and take-down on communal grounds, GrowUp plants and builds sustainable infrastructure on private land.  Other festival workshops have popular speakers lecturing or showing slides; our workshops are hands-on learning immersions, taught by master craftspeople and experts in the field, that empower you to take action on a shared vision.

Yoga, music that moves your body, integrative and inclusive ceremony, artistic expression, regenerative action, and life celebration are woven into every facet of GrowUp.  We even have professionals to help work out the kinks if your body gets sore or help you integrate those moments that feel overwhelming.

GrowUp Your Purpose

Our collective inspiration and ingenuity are constantly evolving to create a more sustainable lifestyle for all beings on this planet. Our ethos includes permaculture, nature connection, emotional intelligence, honoring individual diversity and making relationship with all things.

We are creating regenerative properties, EcoVillages, and building community one gathering at a time.  By modeling the way we are inspired to live and co-creating the infrastructure for healthy lifestyles, abundance, and sustainable quality of life, we are inspiring the world to take positive action to create a more connected and conscious future.

Leave A Trace Festival

Food forests, natural building, rainwater harvesting, solar energy, composting toilets, and showers with grey water reuse are part of the infrastructure we create.

Transformative Micro-Festival

Yoga, martial arts, visionary art, dance, flow arts, and a festival population that encourages interaction, responsibility, and intimacy.

Immersive Learning Journey

Hands-on experiential building, brainstorming, resource management, cooking, and a feedback loop to ensure continual conscious evolution of the process.

Growing a EcoVillage

Creating community, taking action to build regenerative systems and structures, and leaving with the connections, know-how, and experience to implement at home.

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